The North Middlesex Regional School District serves the Massachusetts towns of Ashby, Pepperell and Townsend.   The three towns served by the district cover approximately 80 square miles located on the New Hampshire/Massachusetts borders near the cities of Fitchburg, Lowell, and Nashua, NH.


To develop an interactive and inclusive learning community dedicated to preparing students for productive citizenship in a global society.


The schools of the North Middlesex Regional School District are essentially communities of learners organized for the care and development of young minds. As public schools, our schools assume the added responsibility of preparing all young learners as future citizens capable of securing their place in a global society. These two purposes are inextricably linked: the faith that built our public schools holds education to be the key to both our children’s and our nation’s success.

Because we believe that the continued well-being of society and its citizenry in this new century depends on the attainment of higher levels of education, our schools recognize the need to surpass past standards:

  • Where we once expected and accepted competence, we now expect and envision mastery in both teaching and learning.
  • Where we once honored teaching as an "art," we now see teaching as a complex professional endeavor about which we must continue to learn more.
  • Where we once sought to expose students to technology, we now understand that technology is an indispensable tool for enhancing teaching and learning, communication, and management.
  • Where we once left school decision-making to past practice and "professional discretion," we now expect decision-making to be informed by specific and appropriate data.
  • Where we once embraced a curriculum linked to a past era, we now engage students in a program of studies geared to the future in which these students will ultimately work and learn.
  • Where we were once constrained by school schedules influenced by our agricultural past, we now organize school days to both meet the educational needs and enhance the educational opportunities offered to all members of the school community.

We must envision that our purpose as a public school system is to prepare students to continue their education well beyond the North Middlesex diploma on to a lifetime of independent learning, unlearning, and relearning since that is what success in the global society of this new millennium will most certainly demand.

Core Values

Intellectual Inquiry

  • We believe that public schools exist to develop informed minds and productive citizens.
  • We believe this mission requires a commitment to learning how to learn within a context of lifelong learning.
  • We believe that all students can learn.
  • We believe that all students need to master basic intellectual skills and to measure up to standards of excellence across the curriculum.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

  • We believe that a community is "whole" only when it has frequent open, responsive, sustained, honest, and substantive communication.
  • We believe in the integration of theory and practice and in the pursuit of knowledge through real-life problem solving.

Collaborative and Personal Responsibility

  • We believe in the value of questions, of critical thinking and open inquiry, wherever it may lead.
  • We believe that all members of the community, students and parents as well as teachers and administrators, must acknowledge their own personal responsibility for meeting these goals.

Respect for Diversity

  • We believe that diversity in all its forms enriches our community of learning.
  • We believe that care is what sustains us in our common pursuits, care for our own and others' uniqueness, consideration for one another's feelings, and concern for those who need our help and understanding.

Personal Responsibility

  • We believe that respect is the basic requirement for whatever community we hope to achieve - 
    • Respect for the truth, which is honesty
    • Respect for difference, which is the essence of diversity
    • Respect for one's self, which is the foundation of our human dignity
    • Respect for each other's person and property which is a matter of law
    • And a respect for the rules and the authority that govern our community, for without these there is lawlessness and no community.
  • Finally, we believe that educating the members of our community to the importance of these values is essential to our mission, hence implicit if not explicit in everything we do.


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