Curriculum Development

The curriculum of the North Middlesex Regional School District is defined by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks available at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  All subject areas have specific standards, or learning outcomes, that students progress toward over the course of the year towards application and mastery.  

In the spring of 2016, Massachusetts completed the revision and adopted new science standards.  You may review the new, MA State Science and Technology/Engineering Standards here.   

For two subject areas, Literacy and Mathematics, the Massachusetts State Standards also incorporate the Common Core State Standards developed in 2010.   These standards, written by educators and other stakeholders, are the intended outcomes in which we want students to know and control by the end of the grade level.  Standards are not a specific teaching methodology, but expectations for students.  

Some resources to help parents understand the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks incorporating the Common Core standards include:

Curriculum work and instructional strategy conversations are at the heart of our teaching and learning cycle.  Teams of educators are always developing and refining the curriculum maps and outlines to best meet the diverse needs of our students.


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