Professional Development

Research has shown that high-quality, job-embedded, ongoing professional development is the most effective for supporting student achievement. NMRSD adheres to the standards for professional learning advocated by the National Staff Development Council, specifically:

  • Professional learning is for educators to develop the knowledge, skills, practices, and dispositions they need to help students perform at higher levels. …The standards focus on one critical issue -- professional learning. (

The professional development course schedule is updated annually based upon an annual survey of the staff’s interests and needs. The new summer courses and courses for 2012-12 will be posted in April.

Strategic Goals for Professional Development


Establish innovative faculty and staff development programs that sustain a comprehensive learning environment.

Continue to offer high quality professional development workshops and graduate-level courses to address general pedagogical needs, e.g.:

  • Three-tier intervention
  • Differentiated assessment
  • Assessment to inform instruction
  • Classroom management
  • Connecting to parents & community
  • Team teaching
  • Literacy across the disciplines
  • Creating formative and summative assessments that align with the PARC expectations for the Common Core assessment in 2015
  • Creating curriculum that aligns with DESE curriculum development standards and the new Common Core and new Frameworks standards


Use data within the district, at each school and at each grade level as an integral part of instructional decision making.


Effectively implement the three-tier instructional model:

Tier 1 – differentiated instruction of the core curriculum for all students

Tier 2 – additional instruction through targeted small-group work or extra learning time for those students who are unsuccessful at Tier 1

Tier 3 – intensive instruction of longer duration through specialized programming, small-group and individual teaching with extra learning time.


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