District User Fees

The financial situation troubling our country, our state, our communities, and our families continues to challenge the District's ability to offer our children the broadest co- and extra-curricular program opportunities without assessing fees.  As you know, the fees are used to offset the costs of these popular and important programs.  While we deeply regret the necessity of charging students fees to participate in various activities, we feel it is a better option than simply eliminating the co- and extra-curricular programs that benefit so many students as they complete their middle and high school years.  

The North Middlesex Regional School Committee believes that co- and extra-curricular programs are essential to a high quality educational experience. Clearly, committee members agonized over the financial circumstances that required them to even contemplate increasing current and/or adding additional student participation fees. However, in order to continue current program offerings, assessing student fees was necessary.

With the continued increase in costs related to the athletic department, the North Middlesex Regional School Committee has approved an increase to the athletic user fees starting the Fall 2015 season. The changes are described below:

  • High School - $40.00 increase
  • Middle School - $20.00 increase
  • Late Registration Fee - $25.00

Please note the following:

  • All students must have the proper paperwork on file, an updated physical, and have completed the concussion testing in order to tryout/participate.
  • User fees are to be paid no later than the first day of tryouts/practice.
  • If the athlete leaves the team within the first two weeks or is not placed on a team, the user fee will be refunded.
  • Families who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program will have the user fee waived.
  • Cooperative Team user fees are determined by the host school(s) and will be announced when they are determined by the host school(s).

As has been the case in the past, with the exception of parking and/or class dues, all other fees are waived for any student who qualifies for free and/or reduced lunch.  While most area schools assess student fees in order to support various programs, we are mindful of the impact of fees on families and will work to reduce and/or eliminate fees when the financial climate improves sufficiently to do so.

Attached is a complete breakdown of the user fee changes that will now occur for each sport.

Please do not hesitate to email James Bunnell, Director of Athletics, with any questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding these changes. I can be reached by email at jbunnell@nmrsd.org or by phone at 978-597-8721 x2440

User fees can be paid through UniPay Gold


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