• The Visual Arts Program

     The art program at Ashby Elementary aims to provide an environment where all students feel comfortable, safe and free to explore a wide range of media and subject matter.  Central to the program is respect for, and the enjoyment of other students' work.  Basic skills are introduced, developed and built upon as each student progresses through the grade levels.  The sequence of lessons is varied each year in order to maintain interest and to allow for a spiraling curriculum in which skills and concepts are explored in greater depth.  The ever important elements of art and principles of design are woven throughout the lessons presented, as well as, the practices of group sharing and reflective writing.  Art history, aesthetic perception, literature in the form of story books and poetry and cultural awareness are integral to the art program as well.  The media and methods explored include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, clay, collage, textiles and graphic design.

    - Lisa Careau - Art Teacher