• Woman on Laptop Technology is an essential element of any successful school district. The quality and capabilities of a district’s technology directly impact its daily operation and its ability to prepare students with the skills required by colleges and employers. Integration of current instructional technology tools allow teachers to differentiate instruction and present curriculum in ways that reach the understanding of students who may have fallen behind without it. Technology even provides opportunities that go beyond the walls of our schools with web applications and e-learning that enhance communication and collaboration, support student service programs, and provide virtual classroom opportunities.

    The technological capabilities required by the district and its students do not remain static in tough economic times. Hardware continues to age, requiring repair and replacement. New versions of software and web applications require more capable computers. Network and Internet traffic require increasing bandwidth. Servers must handle increasing feature requirements and storage capacities. Data tracking and reporting requirements increase. Technological trends continue to change the skill sets expected from colleges and employers increase with each passing year.

    The purpose of the NMRSD Technology Department is to provide leadership, training, support, and maintenance for all of the district's instructional and operational technology needs.