Mental Health: Parent Information

  • How is your child’s mental health? (National Alliance on Mental Illness Massachusetts/

    See below for information if you notice that your child:

    • Often seems unhappy, angry or withdrawn and nothing seems to help
    • Seems distracted and restless and can’t sit still as long as other children of the same age
    • Is falling behind in school or has problems in the classroom
    • Puts him or herself down and seems to feel worthless
    • Has few friends and doesn’t get along with family members
    • Seems to be upset and highly stressed about family problems
    • Shows signs of using substances
    • Is making comments about suicide

Community Resources to Support Your Child



    24 HOUR CRISIS HOTLINE SERVICE: (800) 977-5555

    This hotline can provide support for students and family 24/7, 365 days of the year. Youth can also for support. You may also call and place your child “on alert” and let them know that you are concerned about your child’s mental health status.


    This service is for Mass Health enrolled youth up to age 21. This service mobilizes to the location of the child (home/school etc.). The service is provided 24/7, 365 days of the year. EMERGENCY SERVICES PROGRAMS (ESP): 1-877-382-1609 and enter zip code

    MA Health Partnership regional Partner Guide PDF

    Community-based emergency services are available to help individuals having a mental health or substance abuse crisis. They are an alternative to hospital emergency departments.