District Policies Related to Technology

Policy Manual

Section Policy # Title Updated
I-Instruction IJND Access to Electronic Media 8/1/2012
I-Instruction IJNDA Email Policy 8/1/2012
I-Instruction IJNDB Empowered Digital Use Policy 3/7/2016
I-Instruction IJNDB-E1 Empowered Digital Use Agreement Sign-Off Sheet (For Students) 4/25/2016
I-Instruction IJNDB-E2 Empowered Digital Use Agreement Sign-Off Sheet - For Employees 4/25/2016
I-Instruction IJNDB-R Empowered Digital Use Agreement 4/25/2016
I-Instruction IJNDC Internet Publication 9/13/2021
I-Instruction IJNDC-R Web Site Guidelines and Procedures for Approval 7/3/1905
I-Instruction IJNDD Employee/Student Communication 8/11/2015