• In compliance with Massachusetts General Law and for the safety of our students, this medication policy has been written and will be strictly enforced.

      The policy for administration of medications, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, during school hours is as follows:

      1. Medication must be accompanied by a MEDICATION PERMISSION FORM signed by both the physician and the parent. A signed physician's order, stipulating specific diagnosis requiring treatment, accompanied by a MEDICATION PERMISSION FORM signed by parent will also be accepted.
      2. Medication must be supplied by the parent in the original pharmacy container. (Please ask your pharmacist to provide a second container and send only the amount of medication needed to school.)
      3. Medication is kept locked in the nurse's office and is dispensed by the School Nurse. For their own safety and the safety of other students, students are not allowed to carry medication to or during school.
      4. All medication orders must be for treatment of specifically diagnosed medical need and must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.




    • Please have your child’s physician complete a Medication Permission Form any time your child will need to have medication administered during school hours. An adult must transport all medications to school in the original prescription or product container. The doctor’s order must match the label on the pharmacy container. New containers with the new medication order must be obtained when the prescription changes. When medication is discontinued, it must be picked up by an adult within two weeks or it is destroyed. Please note students are not allowed to carry any type of medication with them, either prescription or over-the-counter.