• How can understanding technology make me a better student?

    Helping your child answer this question is why I am here. My goal is to have your child become a better learner. Technology is a tool, just as a pencil, paper, and textbooks are. I teach your child how to use this tool to improve their learning experience, to become a better student.

    As an Educational Technology Specialist, my curriculum is driven by the Massachusetts State Frameworks. In other words, there are certain standards that the state sets in the area of technology literacy.

    For the K-4 grade level the technology standards are broken down into three strands:

    • Ethics and Safety
    • Research, Problem Solving, and Communication
    • Use of Computers and Applications

    Each of these strands is further broken down into topics and grade levels. For example: The strand, Use of Computers and Applications, has four topics in second grade:

    • Basic Operations
    • Database and Spreadsheet
    • Internet and Multimedia
    • Word Processing and Desktop Publishing