• What are my responsibilities as a technology user?

    With adult supervision, all students have access to computers and the Internet. New technologies are changing the ways that information may be accessed, communicated, and transferred. These technological shifts also offer the opportunity to enhance instruction and student learning.

    Technology use begins in kindergarten. Kindergarten is a great place to start teaching the children about the benefits that computer use and the Internet have to offer as they begin their learning journey. The Internet is filled with valuable information that will assist children as they discover new concepts and reinforce those previously learned.

    Throughout the year, all children will continually learn how to use the Internet as an educational tool. In the fall, the focus will be Internet safety and how they can responsibly use the Internet to access quality information.

    Teachers will actively supervise student's use of the computer, peripherals and/or Internet access. Students will access Internet resources, which the teacher has previously explored and selected. Teachers will make every effort to ensure that students are directed to sites with only age-and topic-appropriate material and resources.

    The use of computers and other technology tools is a privilege that comes with special responsibilities. Through direct instruction, online activities and discussion, your child will learn to be a responsible user of technology.