• Music at Ashby Elementary School

General Music

  • The music program at Ashby Elementary seeks to equip students with the tools to experience, create and explore music constructively. We do this by developing the tools to interface with music, by building appreciation through exposure to a variety of styles and by fostering a safe environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and trying new things.

    Students do not learn on a year-to-year basis, but rather work towards various goals that we work towards regardless of age and grade. These goals include basic ideas like keeping a steady beat, or singing a short tune from memory. They also include more specific goals, like identifying instruments through sound or appearance and moving expressively to music through traditional folk dances from around the world. The music curriculum is built on variety. Students typically participate in a mix of activities each class, touching upon different skills that we are all working to develop as music makers and listeners.

4th Grade Band

  • In 4th grade, students are given the option to participate in band. Band is an opportunity for students to develop several skills, such as the technical skill of playing a band instrument, or the social skill of making music as a group in an ensemble. Band members attend weekly group lessons for their specific instrument during the school day. These lessons rotate, so students are never missing the same block of time again and again. They also attend a weekly band rehearsal, where all band students come together to work on playing as a group and learning music for performance in concerts and other events. 

    In a typical year, students will perform in two concerts and one special event at AES. We have a winter concert, in January, and a spring concert at the end of the school year. We also typically briefly perform at our school’s Memorial Day ceremony.

    Students may choose from the following instruments when participating in band:

    Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, or Trombone

    There are also some more specialized instruments that students will learn about in class that are also options, such as Percussion and Oboe.