Since the first industrial robot was installed at a U.S. automotive plant in 1961, robotics technology has become an important factor in most types of manufacturing. In this multi-year course, students will begin by studying basic electronics, as well as the fundamental principles, systems, programming and history of robotics. Students will further develop their programming, mechanical building, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills by applying them to more complex robotics applications with the use of sensors in additional classes. This is a project-based experience where students will build and control robotic devices. Students will use computers to create programs to control robot “arms” and vehicles. Major assessments for this course includes traditional quizzes as well as group project work including building and programming various robots


    This course is a true beginner’s dive into discovering basic electronics. The presented material covers Ohm’s Law and electronic component operations through electronic circuit design used in operating an Arduino microcontroller. Students will learn how to build and control devices such as a keypad operated security system and a solar tracking platform. This course is recommended for anyone curious about how electronic devices are developed.