Engineering Design is not only a foundation course in the Project Lead the Way (PLTW)* engineering program but also a MCAS tested course. Freshman selecting this course and Biology can choose whether to take the Technology/Engineering or Biology MCAS test. Using an activity-project-problem-based method, students will progress through structured activities and problem solving that include the development of planning, documentation, communication, and other professional skills. Students will experience both individual and group projects and problems as they learn engineering design and development tools such as project management and peer review. Skills learned include CAD and 3D modeling software (Autodesk Inventor) for documentation and communication of ideas, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, as well as, ethical issues related to the engineering field.


    Lab Course This course is a project-based learning experience focusing on the engineering design process and how students will use the process to develop their design and problem-solving skills. Technical sketching using computer-aided drafting software as well as other engineering software will be components of each project. In this course, students will explore various engineering areas to further their knowledge of the engineering field. Teamwork and problem-solving techniques will be stressed throughout the course. Major projects in this course include CO2 cars, bridges, projectiles, and biotech.


    Students fulfilling the Engineering Concentration prescribed course of study will participate in this thesis course to demonstrate mastery, by resolving an approved engineering challenge of their choosing. The final resolution will be presented to a panel for evaluation. The presentation will include a research paper, oral presentation and defense, and a physical model artifact of their solution. Students will meet in a formal class/lab setting within the STEM area, in order to have full access to tools, technology, and resources needed to successfully complete their thesis work.


    * Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a nonprofit organization that provides transformative learning experiences for K-12 students and teachers across the U.S. through pathways in computer science and engineering. Students learn problem-solving strategies, critical and creative thinking, and how to communicate and collaborate.