In this highly practical course offered to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, students will learn writing and communication skills necessary for success in today’s competitive academic and business world. The course begins with students identifying personal goals, writing a vision statement, and exploring potential careers likely to fulfill their goals. Students will learn practical entry-level job search skills, including writing resumes and business letters, practicing mock job interviews, and engaging in informational interviews. Students will investigate types of post‐secondary education and training, exploring which educational path may be a good fit. In the final project, students will embark on an extensive exploration of one potential career, creating an informative presentation for classmates and polishing their public speaking skills. Students will leave this class with concrete, marketable communication skills and a personal plan of action that will help achieve college and career goals.


    This elective course is intended for the dedicated writer who currently writes independently and wants to learn to express imagination and creativity in the writing of fiction and poetry. Creative writing is shaped by emotions, imagination, ideas, humor, curiosity, intellect, history, and personal experience. In this course, the student will learn to explore and write from the true self. Students will examine various techniques of pre-writing, writing, editing and revision, various creative genres, and several styles of storytelling. Through the examination of selected literature, students will isolate elements of style that contribute to the writer’s craft. Students should be willing to share their work with classmates and to try new approaches to writing by attempting to write such works as a short story, a fantasy or adventure story, poetry, and/or an original screenplay. The class will culminate in a final writing portfolio in which the students will display their semester work.