This course is a basic introduction to acting technique for the stage through exercises that will explore awareness, observation, the senses, and voice. Students will have an opportunity to develop skills that embolden self-confidence, spontaneity, and imagination through a variety of improvisational activities. Students will also explore and hone fundamental acting skills and tools required for working with text. Through monologue analysis, students will build authentic characters and present short works in front of their peers throughout the semester.


    History of Musical Theatre will explore the broad and rich history of the musical theatre genre. Students will learn about the development of music theatre over its one hundred year history through classroom discussion/activities, readings, research projects, and media.


    In this hands-on course, students will engage in activities and projects specifically geared to the production of the high school’s drama and musical theatre productions. Topics will include backstage workings, theater terminology, lighting, sound, set design/construction, costuming, and make-up. Students will also engage in the duties and responsibilities of “running the house”, including ticket design/sales, public relations, program layout, and intermission activities. Students enrolled in the course will become the stage crew/production team for the productions that occur during the semester in which they are enrolled.