This course is designed for the beginning guitar student looking to learn the basics of the instrument. Emphasis will be placed on proper technique, tuning, musical notation, chords, and introductory music theory. The students are expected to develop their performance skill by developing a basic repertoire of solos and duets.

    PIANO 1

    This course is designed for students with no prior piano playing experience. Through individualized and group instruction, students will learn how to play simple pieces on the piano, as well as basic music reading and music theory skills.


    Advanced Piano is designed for the students who have already studied the piano through private instruction, the piano course taught at NM, or have a strong proficiency on another instrument. This course will consist of primarily independent work as each student’s personal goals and experiences will determine the curriculum for that student.


    Instrumental Techniques is for those students who would like an opportunity for more individualized instruction in addition to performing in a large ensemble. Topics addressed in this course may include, but are not limited to, audition preparation, jazz techniques, chamber music, and general musicianship strengthening.