The focus of this course is to develop the artistic skills and techniques required for further study in the visual arts. In this combined academic/studio art course, the student will be introduced to the fundamental components of visual art through the study of the elements of art and principles of design. Through project-based experiences, students will explore a variety of materials while learning skills in areas of observational drawing, color theory & painting, linear perspective, and sculptural activities. Sketchbooks will be used for practice and proficiency activities. Students will be required to: use the course textbook to read and complete supplemental course work; complete homework assignments; and conduct research. This course is necessary for those who plan to continue their study of art in the upper-level courses such as Ceramics and Drawing & Painting.


    This semester class takes students through the process of deconstructing media to gain a greater understanding of the techniques used in various forms of media to manipulate our emotions, feelings, and thought. Students in this semester course will analyze a range of media to think about questions such as: How are films able to manipulate one’s emotions? How can the print media influence the way one thinks about an issue? What can one do to be more influential when producing one’s own media? Students will be expected to take part in group discussions, reflect on their learning through journaling, and produce their own influential media as their final project.

    ADVANCED PLACEMENT ART AND DESIGN (2-D and 3D AP classes are both offered)

    Advanced Placement Courses provide an opportunity for students to experience a college course while still in high school. AP courses follow a syllabus that has been approved by the College Board, and teachers must receive specialized training to teach the courses. Although it is not required, it is expected that students who take AP courses will also register for the national AP exam at their own expense.

    Admission to this course is by Portfolio Review only. Students taking AP 2D Art and Design must have completed Drawing & Painting 1 and 2 or Graphic Design 1 and 2. Students taking 3D Art and Design* must have completed Ceramics 1 & 2 and Wheel Throwing. (*Note: Students who select any 3D approach other than ceramics must provide their own materials.)

    This rigorous portfolio course is designed for students seriously interested in the study of visual art, who anticipate entrance to college with a major or minor in the visual arts. Students are asked to demonstrate mastery of 2D or 3D design through visual thinking, purposeful decision-making, progressive technical skill development and critical analysis. Students will work independently on the interpretation of visual and conceptual issues and will develop their artistic voice and expression through a variety of media. Portfolio work is expected to fulfill the College Board’s portfolio requirements of QUALITY -- the development of a sense of excellence in art; BREADTH -- a variety of experiences in the formal, technical and expressive means available to an artist; and CONCENTRATION -- an in-depth commitment to a particular artistic concern. Additionally, students are required to complete summer work (including summer reading); make presentations/give critiques, and organize a final exhibit of studio work at the end of the course. This course has the rigor of a college-level course, and all assignments require significant additional time/work beyond class time to complete. AP Studio Art is not based on a written exam; instead, students submit portfolios for evaluation to the Advanced Placement Board. All are strongly encouraged to submit their portfolio at the conclusion of this course. Students enrolled in this course must meet with the instructor during the fourth quarter of the preceding school year to discuss requirements and receive summer assignment.