This course is designed to introduce students to the French language and culture. Students practice vocabulary and grammar concepts in guided and structured exercises, both oral and written. In addition to homework assignments and class participation, student assessments include written and oral quizzes and tests, conversation, presentations and projects. The instructional pace is designed to develop students’ second language skills in order to prepare them for a successful transition to French II. Students are expected to use familiar vocabulary and expressions to communicate in the target language.

    FRENCH 2

    Students continue the development of communication skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking using practical and current vocabulary. New grammatical concepts focus on enhancing communication in everyday life. Students practice new vocabulary and grammar concepts through guided and structured exercises, both oral and written. Homework and classroom assignments include exercises designed to improve the students’ speaking, listening, reading and written competence while exploring the culture of several Francophone nations. In addition to homework and class participation, students’ assessments include written and oral quizzes and tests, conversations and presentations, and projects focusing on unit objectives. Students are expected to use the target language to communicate with their teacher and their classmates.

    FRENCH 3

    Students who enroll in this course continue to develop second language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing while developing cultural sensitivity to the activities of French-speaking people throughout the world. Through group and pair activities, oral presentations, and guided writing activities, students use the skills they have learned to communicate in authentic, real-life situations. Assessment focuses on listening and speaking skills, and interaction in the target language with peers and the teacher. Students will begin to read adapted and original French literature to increase proficiency. Reading sélections include poetry and short stories from various Francophone authors.

    FRENCH 4

    This course offers students an in-depth study of contextual communication, grammar, culture, and literature. Students actively participate in the functional uses of the language by interacting with their peers and the teacher on a daily basis; by listening to native speakers of French; by reading authentic literature from the Francophone world; and by writing compositions and critiques. Students also study French cinema and music. This class is conducted mainly in French. Reading selections include various extracts of Francophone authors.