• Speech and language therapy is one of the several services offered at Squannacook Early Childhood Center.  Speech therapists provide direct speech and language therapy services to children who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or Accommodation Plans.  They also serve as a resource to both classroom teachers and parents. Classroom teachers have the ability to consult with the speech therapists regarding students’ speech skills, language skills, and pragmatic language skills that may be underdeveloped.   Parents are encouraged to contact the speech pathologists to discuss concerns or questions they may have about what to look for in typical speech and language development. Common topics discussed include:

    *speech—how children discriminate, produce, and sequence sounds to make words that are meaningful in communicating,

    *language—both understanding the vocabulary and grammar of language and expressing themselves effectively using that vocabulary and grammar,

    *and pragmatics—how children use their speech and language skills along with non-verbal communication to interact successfully with others.    

     Children experience tremendous growth in their speech and language skills during the preschool years and the speech therapists are highly trained to help support this development.