• Our Social and Emotional Supports/Initiatives

    Implementation of school-wide SEL that promotes self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationships skills and responsible decision-making  

    Encouraging a growth mindset which promotes that success can be achieved through effort, practice and learning from mistakes, instead of giving up when situations are challenging

    Anti-Bullying initiatives including MARC (Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center) curriculum

    Connections/Check-ins with staff members 

    Lunch groups 

    Social skills groups, by referral

    Classroom observations and support 

    Behavioral interventions and accommodations 

    Individual and group counseling, by referral 

    Care coordination (referrals to community supports) 

    Staff, caregiver and community support collaboration/consultation 

    Caregiver/family support 

    Crisis support/safety planning 

    Therapeutic Learning Classroom, by referral 

    Coordination of tutoring referrals