• Community Resources 

    Therapeutic Service Key

    Individual therapy: one on one; one hour weekly or one hour every other week


    IHT (In-Home Therapy): intensive family therapy in the home; up to 7 hours weekly


    IHBS (In-Home Behavioral Service): intensive behavior services in the home; up to 7 hours weekly


    Therapeutic Mentoring (TM): will take youth out into the community for skill-building; 

    needs either individual therapy or IHT as main service; up to 4 hours weekly


    ICC (intensive care coordination): "point person" for wraparound care 


    Family Partner: supports guardians in establishing healthy routines in home and  

    identify resources in the community

    Gandara Center

    100 Franklin Road, Fitchburg, MA 01429 (they will come to Pepperell and they have Spanish-speaking clinicians)

    Referral line: 978-503-7520


    Services: IHT, TM, IHBS, ICC 

    South Bay Community Services 

    80 Erdman Way #208, Leominster, MA 01453 (they will come to Pepperell)

    Main office: 978-870-1840

    Referral line: 508-427-5362


    Services: Individual therapy, IHT, IHBS, TM 

    Cultivate Care Farm (therapeutic farm)

    401 Main Street, Bolton, MA 01740



    Services: Individual therapy, social skills groups 

    Wayside Youth & Family Support Network 

    77 E Merrimack Street, Lowell, MA 01852 (they will come to Pepperell)

    Main office: 978-221-6923

    Referral line: 978-460-8712


    Services: ICC, Family Partner 

    Luk Behavioral Health 

    545 Westminster St, Fitchburg, MA 01420 (they will come to Pepperell)

    Referral Line: 800-579-0000


    Services: Individual therapy, IHT, IHBS, TM 

    Flying High Farm, Inc. (therapeutic farm)

    611 Leominster Road, Lunenburg, MA 01462



    Services: Individual therapy, social skills groups 

    Michael Barney, LICSW

    78 Main Street, Suite B, Pepperell, MA 01463



    Services: Individual therapy 

    Counseling Center of Nashua 

    One Main Street, Nashua, NH 03064



    Services: Individual therapy, psychiatry (medication) 

    *Complete pre-registration and clinical history form before appt*


     Interface Referral Service 


    Helps guardians find and understand local resources/services available 

    Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention (YMCI)

    (800) 977-5555

    Provides mental health support in crisis situations (on-site or mobile assessment) 

    Clinicians will travel to the youth's home, school or other community setting to provide on-site evaulation and crisis intervention services. They provide assessment, intervention, stabilization and links to community resources. Service is provided 24/7/365. 

    Eligibility: youth up to age 21 who are enrolled in Medicaid/Mass Health, one of their managed care entities (Network Health, Fallon/Beacon, BMC Healthnet, MBHP, Neighborhood), or are uninsured

    PACH Outreach

    Food Pantry, Food Assistance Programs, Resource Referrals, Fuel Assistance 

    The Commission on the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren 

    Resources and support groups