Band Program

  • Band ProgramThe Nissitissit Middle School Band Program provides students with a highly developed, research-based, academic curriculum dedicated to the study, performance and enjoyment of instrumental music. Students engaged in the NMS Band Program benefit from knowledge, skills, a learning process and experiences unobtainable from any other subject. Music Learning Theory drives the Instrumental Music Performing Arts curriculum. Utilizing an apprenticeship teaching model, students sequentially learn the concepts and skills necessary to audiate, read, write, comprehend and perform music in solo and in various ensembles.

    Students learn to communicate both audiated and notated music as a language; consisting of multiple elements that intertwine to form a particular composition, style or expression. Students continually experience and increasingly analyze a wide range of aural material intended to build extensive tonal and rhythmic vocabularies. The resulting musical vocabularies form a foundation of knowledge necessary for a lifetime of music literacy.

    Precise, detailed, and constant attention is given to an individual’s technical development enabling the student to skillfully utilize his/her instrument as a means of self-expression and creativity. “Hands-on,” sequential and reinforced learning through the Band Program engages students in the creative process and the characteristics of music.

    Through instrumental music study and performance, students develop increased self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, motivation, independence, teamwork skills, critical, analytical and reflective thinking skills, a sense of commitment, a sense of belonging, pride and accomplishment. Moreover, contemporary brain research and numerous other scientific studies affirm that long-term Instrumental Music classroom experiences develop skilled learners and enhance learning in other subjects.

    Working in the band program instills a respect for excellence and high-performance standards in students. Learning through the Band Program shows students the connections between a quality process and a quality product.

    Naturally, the VBES-NMS Band Program, a five-year curriculum, is designed to develop comprehensive musicianship in students and to prepare them for success in the North Middlesex Regional High School Band Program and beyond.

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