Registration Locations

To register please contact the school based on your town of residence and grade level.

Registration Documentation

  • Please be prepared to provide the following as part of the registration process:

    • Photo ID for the parent/guardian.  This can be a driver's license, a state issued ID, passport, or military ID.  
    • Proof of your current address.  Any one of the following documents can be used for proof of address:
      • A recent utility bill containing your name and address.
      • A copy of your current lease.  Rent cost can be blacked out.
      • A copy of paperwork from the property closing for you current home showing the owner's name, address, and the date.  The purchase price can be blacked out.
    • Up-to-date immunization records.  The district requires that students must have immunizations that are up-to-date for school entry at the time of registration.
    • Your child's original birth certificate (with raised seal), passport, or Form I-9.
    • Name, address, and phone number of your student's previous school.
    • Contact information for all parent/guardians and any other emergency contacts.
    • Any legal or court documentation regarding custody, if applicable.