NMRHS Performing Arts Center & Commons

  • The North Middlesex Regional High School performing arts center was built as part of the new high school in 2018.  It is rented along with the commons, which serves as the school cafeteria and lobby, located just inside the main entrance to the school.  

    The performing arts center statistics:

    • Maxium capacity of 600 (580 seats)
    • Stage width within the proscenium archway is 40 feet
    • Fixed stage depth is 24 feet in total
    • Distance from the front of the fixed stage to the front curtain is 9 feet
    • Distance from the front curtain to the back of the stage is 15 feet
      Note:  Scrim and emergency lights on the back wall take up approximately 1 foot.  Scrim sits approximately 2 feet in front of the back wall but can be raised out of the way.  A fly bar that can be used for backdrops is located in front of the scrim.
    • Removable semi-circle stage extension adds 8 feet at the center
    • Stage right wing from the proscenium to the fly system is 13 feet
    • Stage left wing from the proscenium to the main backstage entrance is 17 feet
    • On stage left there is an extra tall double-wide entrance for sets and backstage access from a backstage hallway.  The hallway leads to 2 dressing rooms, storage, the band room, and access to the academic hallway.  
    • On stage right there is a single door entrance to a small sound chamber leading to the chorus room behind the stage or the hallway.

    All rentals of the NMRHS Performing Arts Center must include a district AV technician.