100 mile club

100 Mile Club

  •  The 100 Mile Club® was founded by Kara Lubin in 1993.  Kara was a teacher in California whose students struggled with learning and feeling successful.  She recognized they felt uninspired and often times like a failure. Now The 100 Mile Club®  is a non-profit organization that promotes an even playing field for everyone.  It is about fitness and genuine personal success through setting a lofty goal and working toward it. The challenge is to run or walk 100 miles in one school year!  It is a huge challenge, one that everyone can achieve.  Accept the challenge and set a goal for yourself. You are not competing against each other…. just yourself.  

    Ms. Stanton is the advisor for this at-home activity and all NMS students, staff, and families are invited to join the 100 Mile Club for $12 dollars per person.  Along the way, participants will earn the following incentives:

    • 100 Mile Club® T-shirt (Earned at 25 miles)
    • Golden Pencil (Earned at 50 miles)
    • Wristband (Earned at 75 miles)
    • Final Certificate for Medal Ceremony - available for all participants no matter the miles earned
    • Gold Medal with neckband (ONLY for participants who reach their 100-mile goal).

    Accept the challenge, set a goal, and GO FOR IT!