Technology Education

  • Opened in 2002, Nissitissit Middle School was built with technology in mind! We have a full computer lab with state of the art Windows Computers. Each team of teachers has their own Chromebook cart to integrate technology into their lessons. 

    All students have access to lessons from the interactive whiteboards in each classroom that are all equipped with a soundbar. Students can explore new technologies like robotics, 3D printing and Raspberry Pi, available in the Makerspace. 

    All 5th and 6th-grade students in technology class will develop extensive keyboarding skills. Students learn how to use Google Apps using their own unique Google Account. Students in technology class are encouraged to explore technology and use it to make new discoveries and learn how it can help them find information.

    Students learn about Computer Science and how Computational Thinking helps us to solve problems and understand how technology works. Students will learn the basics of coding using Scratch and Python Programming languages, preparing them for creative problem-solving in the future.