• Mr. Turner- Health and Physical Education Teacher

    My name is Chris Turner and this is my 7th year as the physical education teacher here at Spaulding Memorial School. My undergraduate degree is in health promotion and fitness, which I received from Keene State College. I then went on to get my post-baccalaureate in physical education from Salem State University, and recently completed my master’s degree in physical education from the University of Arkansas. Before coming to North Middlesex, I taught health and wellness as well as physical education in the Abington public school district for 3 years.  

    As the SMS physical education teacher my goal has always been to create a program that the kindergarten through 4th grade students can truly enjoy coming to. I believe that when it comes to physical activity at the elementary level, it is important to create an environment that is welcoming to students of all skill and ability levels. Furthermore, I understand the large social component that a physical education environment creates and am sensitive to the fact that not all students feel comfortable performing in front of their peers. With this in mind, I have worked with the guidance and adjustment counselors to create a learning environment that is inclusive to all students regardless of physical, mental or emotional development level.

    In our physical education classes here at SMS, we focus on 4 key concepts; health enhancement, skill development, comprehension of content and most importantly fun. It is my belief that if students are not having fun and they do not enjoy coming to physical education class, they will struggle with the other 3 concepts. For many children, this is their first experience with organized physical activity so it is my hope to create an environment that keeps them interested and engaged in physical fitness for many years to come, inside and outside of the gym.

    Our curriculum contains a wide variety of skill practice and health concepts. At the kindergarten through 2nd grade levels we put a strong emphasis on the fundamentals, most notably locomotor movements and performance techniques. As students get into the 3rd and 4th grades, we work to expose them to as many varying forms of physical activity as possible, we cover traditional sports, dance, yoga, pilates, cardiovascular fitness and teambuilding to name a few. Furthermore, each lesson begins with 3 instant activities that students use as warm-ups. We try to make these 3 instant activities as unique to each other as possible as a means to further enhance engagement for all.

    If you have any questions or concerns or are interested in learning more about our B.O.K.S. before school program please feel free to call me email me anytime at cturner@nmrsd.org or just give me a call.