Prepay Meal Plan

  • The North Middlesex Regional School District Lunch Program utilizes a Nutrikids Point Of Sale (POS) system at all grade levels. All students are provided a PIN number to be used at the lunch-line register when purchasing lunch. The PIN number remains the same until graduation. To help increase the efficiency of the lunch lines, a "Debit Account" can be used to prepay for your child's meals. Prepayments can either be made online at* or in cash/check at the lunch registers and the money will automatically be deducted from the account every time the child's PIN number is entered at the register. If the student is absent, the money remains in the account until used. Any unused balances at the end of the year will automatically be transferred as beginning balances for the next school year.

    Parents/guardians are encouraged to create a account regardless of the desired payment method. Students will always enter their PIN number at the point of purchase, which will allow the parent/guardian to view the past 90 days of transactions of food purchased by their child and daily balance on their account. You are also able to set up a low balance alert that will send you an email when your child has gone below the balance set. There is no charge for these features.

    * Prepayments through incur a $2.49 "convenience fee"

Free & Reduced Meal Application