Engineering Concentration FAQ's

  • What is the Engineering Concentration?

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    Engineering Concentration is a three-year program culminating in a capstone project examining one of the challenges we face as our society considers colonization of Mars. This project will include a model, a research paper, oral defense of the topic, and an electronic component of the presentation (e.g. website, film).

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  • What are the benchmarks for the program?

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    There will be a ‘benchmark’ project related to the question posed for each course. For example, in Chemistry the benchmark question will be, “How will fuel be produced and stored on Mars?” Students will create a product brief at the completion of each required course. This product brief will address the Mars related question for that course and will include a written portion and a visual component, such as 3D rendering or a photograph/picture. Detailed information on the project brief will be discussed with students in each class.

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  • What classes do students have to pass to meet the requirement of the program?

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    Below is a list of classes that students will need to pass to meet the program requirements.

    Science requirements

    Biology, Chemistry, Physics

    Technology and Engineering requirements

    Minimum of twenty (20) credits in Technology/Engineering classes to qualify for the Capstone class

    Capstone requirement

    Engineering Capstone

    Potential topics of investigation for the Senior Capstone: The following list is not comprehensive. Rather, it is designed to demonstrate the breadth of the capstone. Capstone topics can address:

    • Medical issues on Mars
    • Hierarchy of a new society
    • Ways to sustain life by developing a sustainable food and water supply
    • Communication
    • Transportation  
    • Protection of equipment from weather, environment
    • Physiological concerns
    • Post travel: How do we acclimate once we arrive?
    • How do we deal with the limited amount of space on the vehicles bringing us there? (physics, social studies)
    • How to address social issues as they arise in the second and third generations?
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