Guidelines for Approval of Home Education Plans

    1. Parents and/or Guardians must obtain approval for homeschooling prior to removing their child or children from the public school and beginning the home education program.
    2. Approval is granted through the Curriculum and Instruction Office.
    3. Approval before the beginning of every school year is contingent upon receipt and approval of the following materials:
      • Notice of Intent to begin (or continue) homeschooling;
      • A detailed outline of the proposed curriculum including subjects of instruction with grade-level objectives, and a list of proposed textbooks, workbooks, and other instructional materials and aids;
        • A daily schedule of instruction showing times allotted for each subject. There must be at least 900 hours of instruction annually for grades 1-8, and 990 hours annually for grades 9-12, exclusive of lunch and recess time.
      • The method of assessment for each child(ren).
      • Academic background, life experience and/or qualifications of those who will be instructing the child(ren), as they relate to the instructional program to be taught
    4. At the end of the year, the parents or guardians must provide evidence of each child’s progress. Parents or guardians have many options of how to show your child or children’s progress. Acceptable documentation includes standardized testing, a portfolio of dated samples of each child’s work for each content area, report cards and/or progress reports.
    5. Proof of Residency, if new to the district or new to homeschooling in NMRSD.