Faculty Guidelines

  • Faculty and Staff Checkouts

    • Faculty and staff are granted unlimited use of library books and instructional media. Transaction lists are distributed at the close of each semester.

    Interlibrary Loan

    • If the NMS Library does not have your desired title, ask the librarian to borrow it from another library!

    Library Passes

    • Teachers are welcome to issue library passes to students for quiet, independent study and/or to check out books. Scheduled classes and programs always hold priority for space. Please limit passes to five students at a time unless prearrangements are made.

    Scheduling Classes and Activities

    • The library operates on a reservation system with flexible scheduling in order to accommodate many types of programming. The main room is designated as a quiet study and is available for group activities and projects. Please schedule in advance to ensure available space. Also, please alert us before assigning research projects that require library resources. Submit a copy of the assignment to the librarian and convey details. Upon request, the librarian will gather collections of appropriate books and other instructional media to support units of study.

    Reading Across the Curriculum

    • Teams at all three grade levels are invited to library checkout periods for their students. One teacher, or multiple teachers on a rotating basis, can be designated for this duty at the team's discretion. Teachers are welcome to issue library passes to students in addition to, or in lieu of, a checkout period. The objective is to provide every NMS student with access to library resources on a regular basis. Schedules are subject to change.

    Distribution of Student Overdue Notices

    • Overdue notices are printed monthly and placed in team teachers' mailboxes for distribution to students.

    Professional Collection

    • A circulating collection of professional books, journals, and instructional media specific to middle level education is housed in the Professional Library. Also, please refer to the eProfessional Collection section of the NMS Library eResources page.

    Purchase of Books and Instructional Media

    • Faculty and staff are encouraged to preview books and instructional media resources and recommend titles for purchase. Publishers' catalogs and reviewing publications are on file in the librarian's office. Faculty input is imperative to the development of a quality, curriculum-specific library collection.

    Audiovisual Equipment Distribution

    • Each classroom teacher maintains an inventoried collection of TVs, VCRs, DVD players, overhead projectors, and CD players. The Library has two VHS video cameras, a book binding machine, a Quizzer game module, and a portable Alpha Smart lab. These items are held in the Library as floaters and may be scheduled on a daily basis.

    Audiovisual Equipment Repair

    • A modest budget is earmarked for the purchase and maintenance of audiovisual equipment. NMRSD does not employ an audiovisual technician for repair and cleaning of equipment. The library staff makes minor repairs and adjustments to AV equipment including bulb replacement (see below). Equipment in need of major repair will be sent out if deemed cost effective. Please report equipment in need of repair to the library staff via e-mail.

    Bulb Replacement

    • The library stocks a supply of bulbs for all inventoried projectors. Please e-mail, or call, the library staff for bulb replacement. For safety reasons, students should not remove or replace projector bulbs.