Principal's Update

  • 10/18/2020

    Posted by Mark Roy on 10/19/2020

    Good evening HBMS Families,

    I hope the weekend has been enjoyable!  Here are some points of interest for the days ahead:


    • As we’re reminding our students and all community members of the importance to keep clean, here’s a fun video you can share on the topic!
    • Open House will be held on Thursday, October 29th, from 5:30PM - 7:00PM. We will be hosting this open house remotely that evening from school:
    • 5:30p - 6:00p Principal’s greeting and remarks on the school year, schedule, and then introduce Related Arts staff, who will share any pertinent information for each of their content areas.
      • Here is the link information to join:


    • 6:05p - 6:30p Grade-level teams will host Google Meet Sessions, sharing information and updates from the team. (Grade level teams will be sending out invitations to families as we get closer to the date.)
    • 6:35p - 7:00p Grade level teams can share information/updates for any parents/guardians who missed presentations due to having children on other teams, as well as Q&A. During this time administration will also be available for Q&A, as well.
    • Student Pictures will be taken the week of November 2nd:
      • Monday, Nov. 2: Blue cohort students, from 8:00am – 11:30am
      • Wednesday, Nov. 4: White cohort students, from 11:30am – 2:30pm
      • Thursday, Nov. 5: Red cohort students, from 8:00am – 11:30am
      • Stay tuned for a link for ordering pictures and more information which will be shared very soon!!
    • Please see the attached flyer for a message from the NMRS Scholarship Foundation!
    • To keep current with school events and more information, please visit our school website and follow our school’s blog!


    Thank you, as always, for your support in your child’s education!

    Best Regards,

    Jason Webster

    Principal, HBMS

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  • 10/9/20

    Posted by Mark Roy on 10/13/2020

    Good afternoon HBMS Families,

    I hope this note reaches you in good health going into the holiday weekend!  Here are some points of interest to keep in mind:

    From our School Counseling Office:

    As part of the first-day paperwork parents/guardians have been asked to fill there is a form in regards to any specific custody arrangements. If your child does not reside with both biological or adoptive parents, we ask that this paperwork be filled out and returned with accompanying documentation asap. These forms are not valid without supporting documentation (including divorce decree, restraining order, court stipulation, court granted motion, etc.) Counselors will be following up with families who do not submit paperwork with their form.  For your convenience, a copy of this form is attached to this email.  For any questions, please contact your school counselor.


    Progress Reports will be going out on Friday, October 30th.  Please be sure that your student is doing his/her best to be signing-in on time to remote classes when not in the school building, participating to their best abilities, and staying up-to-date with email—we have found that students who keep these things in mind have been more successful in their remote classes—thanks for your support!


    School Picture Days:  Students will have their pictures taken November 2nd, 4th, and 5th at HBMS:

    • Blue Cohort Students: Tuesday, November 2nd , from 8:00AM – 11:30AM
    • White Cohort Students: Wednesday, November 4th, from 11:30AM – 2:30PM
    • Red Cohort Students: Thursday, November 5th, from 8:30AM – 11:30AM
    • Stay tuned for more information to come from our school and the folks at Life Touch!


    From our Library:  Please see the attached letter from Ms. Genoter, our school librarian, about our upcoming book fair October 13th – October 26th!


    From our Food Services Department:  Please see the attached flier for an important message from our food services program about free meals!


    Thank you for your support of your child’s education!


    Jason Webster

    Principal, HBMS

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  • 10/5/20

    Posted by Mark Roy on 10/5/2020

    Hello HBMS Families,

    Here are some important updates from our school:


    • iReady: To help our teachers understand the concepts and skills their students have  grasped, your child will be completing a diagnostic assessment during the month of October, so that we can meet them where they are and take them the to the next level. It is important that parents and guardians understand that students are to take this test unassisted, so that educators can get as accurate an assessment as possible for your child’s standing—this is not graded and does not in any way affect grades.  Teachers are reaching out to students and families with more details.  Click on this link for a brief video providing further information.


    • From our Library: As of Monday October 5th the HBMS library will be reopened for scheduled browsing and book check out. Students  who are in 5th or 6th grade who are physically in library class will be allowed to check out books, as well as those students whose team teacher has made an appointment.  

    If you have students who are looking for books but are remote, have them email me  I will be happy to pull books and check them out and leave them in either their classroom or the school lobby to be picked up.  Alternatively I can work with you to arrange a time for the student to come to the library and browse. .

    There are strict guidelines which must be followed by students in the Library and include 

    1. All students coming into the library will use hand sanitizer before touching any books and be wearing masks at all times.  
    2. Students must hand sanitize after browsing in the library.
    3. Students must social distance while using the library.
    4. When the book is returned, it is kept out of circulation for 6 days then checked in.
    5. The cover of the book (depending on what is made out of) will be wiped down with the NMRSD recommended cleaning product prior to being returned to the shelf.

    Finally there will be a Fall Scholastic Book Fair to help purchase books for the HBMS library.  This will be a remote book fair and the proceeds will be used to purchase books for the library for HBMS students to use now and in years to come.  Stay tuned for more details in future emails. 

    Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns. 


    Mrs. Meg Genoter

    H.B.M.S. Library Teacher


    • News from our PTO:  HBMS PTO will hold our Annual Fall Meadow Farms Sale online this year. This fundraiser will be 100% contact free meaning, students will create accounts online, take orders online and have everything shipped directly to consumers. Students will win prizes for their participation! Attached are two flyers; one details the sale and how to participate, the other details prizes that students can win!  Everyone can participate!
    • HBMS PTO will be holding meetings virtually this year! Our first meeting will be on WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7th at 7PM through Google Meet. Please plan to join us!
    • In order to receive information from the PTO and links to meetings, please fill out the attached Google Form. We must collect email information every year. All email addresses collected will be sent a link to Wednesday's meeting.
    • NEW THIS YEAR!Make a donation to our Annual Donation Drive ONLINE! Link provided on attached Google Form.  Thank you!
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  • 9/25/20

    Posted by Mark Roy on 9/28/2020

    Good Afternoon HBMS Families,

    We have completed our second week of school and next week will usher in October!  We greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to work through issues with technology and internet regarding online learning, as well as getting acclimated with new routines/responsibilities for our students.  Things are improving each day!

    Here are two important areas where your help at home is needed:

    It is important that parents and guardians are reminded how important it is to call and alert our main office when your student will be absent, even if they are participating remotely.  Parents/guardians must also inform our office when a student returns to school or classes if it is after homeroom ends at 8:05AM.  With the added element of a remotely learning cohort, it is important that we keep track of our students’ whereabouts during the school day and their safety!

    Students must attend all classes each day, including remote classes each afternoon.  We are noticing that students need to be reminded of their responsibilities to be prepared and on-time to all classes until 2:35PM when the school day ends.  Teachers and administrators will be contacting families if students are found not participating fully in remote class sessions. 


    Thank you for your help in supporting this aspect of your child’s education!



    Jason Webster

    Principal, HBMS

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  • 9/21/20

    Posted by Mark Roy on 9/23/2020

    Good morning HBMS Families,

    Here are some important points of interest for the week and beyond:

    We are planning on sending home the First Day Packets to all Hybrid students this week during their cohort.  Once that is done we will email emergency forms and First Day Packets to all Remote students.

    Math Club: Interested in becoming a Mathlete? Every Monday starting September 28th, from 2:30 to 3:30pm, in a Google Classroom. No need to come
    every week except if you decide to join the competition. Contact Ms. Audette,, to get the invitation to join the Google Classroom. See the attached flier!

    Student drop-off/ pick-up:

    drop off route

    Please follow the traffic pattern above when dropping off or picking up your Hawthorne Brook student!  It is especially important to NOT cut through the Senior Center parking lot, as it hinders their ability to provide meals to seniors.

    Buses: As morning weather has become colder, in order to keep buses reasonably warm for students, windows have been brought up, but still cracked open at the top to allow for proper air-flow and cross- ventilation. Vents have been opened at the top of the bus, as well.

    In order to maintain proper social distancing, students must remain in heir assigned seats (every-other seat and diagonally across from each other.) Your help reminding your student of this will help our bus drivers
    keep kids safe during their rides to and from school so that they can focus
    on the road.

    During remote class sessions it is important to remind students that they are responsible for their surroundings when participating over their Google Meets with their teachers and classmates. They should be dressed presentably as they would in school and their environments should be free of distractions, with
    nothing inappropriate in view for other students or teachers to see. The best way to think about it is “if it’s not allowed in school, then it shouldn’t be allowed to be
    viewed over the internet during class sessions. Please contact school administration with any questions or further clarification.

    Attendance clarification: Regardless if a student is participating in the school building or accessing classes remotely, parents must contact our main office
    (978-597-6914) to make us aware, so that we can update our attendance and all students are accounted for. Thank you for your diligence in helping us keep our
    students safe!

    Please emphasize with your student the importance of being on-time to class sessions—their attendance counts!

    From the Library: There is a Library book return cart located at the top of the ramp in the library/media center for returning books.   For remote learners, there
    will be a library return cart outside of HBMS for contactless book return beginning tomorrow, Wednesday September 16th.   The cart will be near the main building entrance during regular school hours 8am -2:45pm for the next couple of weeks. 
    Please be advised library books must be quarantined for 6 days prior to check-in and handled, so they will remain check-out for a week even though they are
    physically back at the library.
    As always, thank you for your support in your child’s education!

    Jason Webster
    Principal, HBMS

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