Grade 6 Math

  • 6th grade math students will solve word problems with ratios and rates. For example, use ratios to compare how many votes two candidates received in an election. Understand and use negative numbers. For example, explain which temperature is colder: -9 degrees or -20 degrees. Use variables (like x) and write expressions (like 8x + 7) and equations to solve problems. For example, use a formula to find the volume of a swimming pool. Understand and use language related to basic statistics. For example, ask questions like How much water do people use in my town? Solve real-world problems related to area, surface area, and volume. For example, find how much paint is needed to paint a room.

     By The End of Sixth Grade, Students Can: 

    •  Explain the concepts of ratio and unit rate. 
    • Solve problems by finding the percentage of a quantity (like 70% of 280). 
    • Divide fractions by other fractions: for example, 2/3 ÷ 3/4. 
    • Fluently (quickly and correctly) divide multi-digit numbers (like 684) using the standard algorithm. 
    • Fluently (quickly and correctly) add, subtract, multiply, and divide multidigit decimal numbers (like 47.06) using the standard algorithms. 
    • Place negative fractions, positive fractions, and whole numbers on a number line.
    • Compare and find the value of algebraic expressions (like y + y + y and 3y). 
    • Use a grid (graph) to show how two variables (like distance and time) are related. 
    • Find the median (middle number), mean (average), mode (most common number), and range (distance between the lowest and highest numbers) of a data set. 
    • Create visual displays of data: for example, dot plots, histograms, and box plots.