Policy Manual

Section Policy # Title Updated
G-Personnel GA Personnel Policies Goals 11/23/2013
G-Personnel GBA Equal Employment Opportunity 4/14/2014
G-Personnel GBD School Committee-Staff Communications 10/28/2013
G-Personnel GBEA Staff Ethics / Conflict of Interest 2/23/2015
G-Personnel GBEB Staff Conduct 4/27/2015
G-Personnel GBEBC Staff Conduct Form 2/23/2015
G-Personnel GBEBD Gifts and Solicitations 6/23/2014
G-Personnel GBEB-E Staff Conduct 10/22/2018
G-Personnel GBEC Drug-Free Workplace Policy 11/10/2014
G-Personnel GBED Tobacco Use on School Property by Staff Members and Non-Students 10/22/2018
G-Personnel GBEE Social Networking 9/14/2015
G-Personnel GBGB Staff Personal Security and Safety 6/23/2014
G-Personnel GBJ Personnel Records 4/27/2015
G-Personnel GCA Professional Staff Positions 4/27/2015
G-Personnel GCBA-E Salary Ranges for Non-Represented Personnel 6/24/2013
G-Personnel GCBB Employment of Principals 8/11/2015
G-Personnel GCCC Professional Staff Family and Medical Leave 4/27/2015
G-Personnel GCCD Domestic Violence Leave Policy 4/27/2015
G-Personnel GCE Professional Staff Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies 9/28/2015
G-Personnel GCF Professional Staff Hiring 4/7/2015
G-Personnel GCG Substitute Professional Staff Employment 12/16/2019
G-Personnel GCJ Professional Teacher Status 4/28/2015
G-Personnel GCO Evaluation of Professional Staff 9/28/2015
G-Personnel GCQD Resignation of Professional Staff Members 10/26/2015
G-Personnel GCQE Retirement of Professional Staff Members 10/26/2015