Policy Manual

Section Policy # Title Updated
I-Instruction ICA School Year / School Calendar 9/19/2016
I-Instruction ID School Day 6/27/2016
I-Instruction IE Organization of Instruction by Grade and Buildings 9/12/2016
I-Instruction IGA-IGD Curriculum Development and Adoption 12/6/2016
I-Instruction IHA Basic Instructional Program 4/3/2017
I-Instruction IHAMA Parental Notification Relative to Sex Education 3/25/2019
I-Instruction IHAMB Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs 3/25/2019
I-Instruction IHB Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations 4/22/2019
I-Instruction IHBA Programs for Students with Disabilities 4/22/2019
I-Instruction IHBAA Observations of Special Education Programs 5/20/2019
I-Instruction IHBEA English Language Learners 3/27/2019
I-Instruction IHBF Homebound Instruction 3/27/2019
I-Instruction IHBG Home Schooling 3/4/2019
I-Instruction IHBG-R Home Schooling 1/10/2022
I-Instruction IHBHE Remote Learning 10/5/2020
I-Instruction IHCA Summer Schools 11/18/2019
I-Instruction IIB Class Size 10/4/2021
I-Instruction IJ Instructional Materials 12/16/2019
I-Instruction IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption 12/16/2019
I-Instruction IJLA Library Resources 12/16/2019
I-Instruction IJND Access to Electronic Media 8/1/2012
I-Instruction IJNDA Email Policy 8/1/2012
I-Instruction IJNDB Empowered Digital Use Policy 3/7/2016
I-Instruction IJNDB-E1 Empowered Digital Use Agreement Sign-Off Sheet (For Students) 4/25/2016
I-Instruction IJNDB-E2 Empowered Digital Use Agreement Sign-Off Sheet - For Employees 4/25/2016