Dismissal Time

  • Children are dismissed from school beginning at 12:30PM (3:05 PM if they are in the after care program). All adults here for school pick-up should park in the front of the school. Bus pick-up is in the back parking lot of the school.

    Busses usually leave by 12:35 PM (3:05 if they are riding home on the bus and participate in after care). The school must be notified IN WRITING of all students who will be walking back and forth to school. PLEASE NOTE: phone calls changing a student’s dismissal instructions will not be accepted unless there is an emergency.

Early Dismissal

  • Early dismissal must be arranged through your child’s teacher and the office. Please have your child bring a note stating: (1) the reason for dismissal, (2) the time s/he is to be dismissed, and (3) the name of the person who will picking up the child (not just ‘her grandfather’ or ‘Aunt Janie’). *No child will be dismissed into the custody of a person other than the parent/guardian of the child unless a note has been sent from the parent/guardian specifying the name of the person who is authorized to pick up the child that day. Please do not call the school for an early dismissal except in the case of an emergency. The parents/guardian or designated pick-up person must come to the office to sign out and pick up the child. Because of safety issues, children are not allowed to wait outside.