School Attendance and Tardiness Guidelines

  • We all acknowledge that regular attendance at school is important and necessary for academic and social success. We ask parents to make every effort to have your children at school on time each day that they are in good health.

    If your child is going to be absent or tardy:

    Call the absentee line 978-597-0383 during the evening preceding the absence or before 9:00AM on the morning of the absence or tardy arrival. Please state your child's name and his/her homeroom teacher, and give a brief explanation for your child’s absence or tardy arrival. If your child is absent and you do not call the absent line, staff will call you later in the morning to verify that your child is safe with an adult.

    PLEASE NOTE: If no explanation is given for your child’s absence, it will be considered an unexcused absence.

    If your child is ill:

    Call the absentee line 978-597-0383. Follow the guidelines on the school nurse's page. Please send a note stating that you are aware of the absence when your child returns to school after an illness.

    Illness at school:

    When a student becomes ill at school, he/she is sent to the school nurse. If the nurse feels that the student should be sent home, the parents/guardians are contacted. If parents/guardians are not available, the alternate name listed on the student's emergency card will be contacted. The parent/guardian may be required to provide written clearance from a physician for a child to return to school if signs of a contagious condition are exhibited.

    Prolonged illness:

    Students are required to bring a written note explaining his/her absence regardless of the number of days absent. You will be contacted by the school nurse if a student has an unexplained absence of 3 days of longer. After an absence of 5 days or longer, a doctor's note is required before the student can be readmitted to school.

    If children are absent frequently and for no explainable reason (from parent or guardians) we may choose to report the absences to our truant office (Townsend Police Department). If students continue to be absent with no explainable reason, the school may file a truancy petition with the District Court of Ayer.

    Please be advised vacations are unexcused absences.

    If your child comes to school late (tardy):

    Children arriving after 9:00AM are considered tardy and will be recorded as such. All children arriving tardy must be accompanied to the office by their parent/guardian to check in before going to their classrooms. Parents/guardians should send in a note acknowledging your awareness of your child’s tardiness. Excessive tardiness can be referred to the Truant Officer.