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  • NMRSD staff may request support from the Technology and/or Buildings and Grounds departments directly through our help desk system.  This system allows us to track requests, ensure all necessary staff is informed, quickly assign someone to address the issue, keep you informed as we progress towards a solution, and resolve the issue in a timely manner.  

    Staff can log into the district helpdesk using the same username and password used to log into district computers. 

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  • Hovercam Zoom and Focus Tricks

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 1/19/2021

    The buttons on the front of the HoverCam Solo 5 and Solo 8 document cameras include Zoom in and Out, Auto Focus, Auto Focus-Lock, and the center one will flip the image.  When using the Hovercam as a web camera it is recommended that the Auto Focus Lock is used to prevent the video from refocusing during the meeting.  

    Set up the Document Camera ahead of time when using it with Google Meet:

    At times, particularly with large rooms, the Auto Focus will adjust one more time when it is locked and it does not always do a good job of focusing correctly.  If this occurs when setting up the camera ahead of a Google Meet, do the following:

    1. Press the Auto Focus Lock button on the front of the camera and verify that the focus is locked.
    2. Close Google Meet if it was open.  Google Meet and the Hovercam software cannot be run at the same time.  
    3. Open the Hovercam software and use the controls to manually adjust the zoom and focus as needed.  As long as the Autofocus is locked using the button on the front of the hovercam, these settings will remain locked in place until the button is pushed to unlock them, the document camera is unplugged, or the computer is rebooted.
    4. Once the focus and zoom settings are satisfactory, close the Hovercam software and open Google Meet to verify.
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  • Google Classroom Staff Limit

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 10/22/2020
    Google Classroom has a maximum limit of 20 people with the teacher role to a Google Classroom.  Note that this is based on the designation of "Teacher" as opposed to "Student" in that individual Google Classroom, having nothing to do with the person's actual title within the district.  A limit of 20 teachers may sound high but it may be reached if a Google Classroom is shared with Principals, Special Education Support, Instructional Assistants, Service Providers, Specialists, Collaborative Teachers, etc. so I suggest keeping an eye on the limit.  This is not an limit that can be changed by the district.  
    Google Classroom also has a maximum of 1000 students but that has not become an issue for anyone that I am aware of thus far.
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  • Hovercam Audio on a Chromebook

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 10/6/2020

    The Document Camera microphone works will on a desktop computer but often sounds terrible on a Chromebook.  If using a HoverCam Solo 8 with a Chromebook, do the following:

    1. Go to the 3 dots in the bottom right corner of Google Meet
    2. Select Settings>Video and set the Camera to the Solo 8
    3. Select Settings>Audio and see the microphone to Internal Mic
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  • Mirrored Video on Google Meet

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 9/18/2020

    Images on Google Meet appear mirrored to the presenter.  They are not mirrored for the students on the other end but this is still a problem if presenting a Google Meet to a class in front of you over the projector. 

    An extension called VideoMirror is available for NMRSD staff installation which flips the video image so that it will appear correctly.  NMRSD Staff can install it from

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  • Virtual Attendance

    Posted by Jeremy Hamond on 9/8/2020
    There are 2 new attendance codes this year:
    • VP = Virtual Present
    • VA = Virtual Absent

    When taking daily attendance please make sure to use these codes to indicate whether students who are either present but remote or absent but expected to be remote.

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