General Music

  • Grade 5: Fifith grade music meets once a week. They delve into basic music theory by reading treble and bass clef, apply notation skills to piano, explore the performance elements and practice group collaboration.  They also explore composers around the world and complete music composition projects throughout the year.  These students take the skills and elaborate them in sixth grade music.  

    Grade 6: Sixth grade music class meets once a week and includes learning about the elements of music, solfège and notation, music history and culture, and when possible, a field trip to the Boston Symphony Orchestra in February. Students will apply skills on keyboards, improvise and compose their own music.

    Grade 7: Seventh grade music class meets once a week. Students continue solfège and building skills. Students learn the history of jazz and apply their knowledge to creating a blues project. Students also compose original music using motives, ear training exercises with pitch and rhythm and apply these concepts to a “Stomp" project at the end of the year.

    Grade 8: Eighth grader music meets once a weel. Students continue solfège and building skills. They also learn Rock ‘N Roll history, compose advanced original compositions, ear training with pitch and rhythms, Music Careers and experience writing music to film using Garage Band.

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