Welcome to AES Library

  • This year the library will be open all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If a student forgets to bring in their book for returm, they can simply bring it to the next library class.

    The check out policies for the beginning of the school year are the following:

    Kindergarten- One book per child.
    First Grade- One book
    Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade - Two books

    If you have a special situation where your young child (K-3) is a very avid reader, I will make accommodations for that child if I receive a note. Library policies for each grade level are put in place not only to encourage reading, but also to teach responsibility. Older students will be allowed to take out up to 2 books once they have shown responsibility on returning items. Over vacations or long holidays, the Grade 1 students will be allowed to take out more than one book.

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