• Classroom Teachers: 
    Mrs. Shelley Amari
    Mrs. Caitlin Marcos
    Mrs. Amanda Krumsiek
    Mrs. Deborah McMaster

    Special Education Inclusion Teacher: 
    Mrs. Katie Gerrior

    Mr. Murbach


  • The second grade teachers collaborate to provide our students with hands on learning experiences across the curriculum. We teach the foundational skills of reading and writing through the use of a variety of resources that actively promote learning and connect to the common core standards. Throughout the year the students will learn math concepts such as regrouping, place value, money, measurement, geometry and telling time. As a team we celebrate everyone's uniqueness and encourage all of our students to embrace all of the qualities that make them who they are.


Special Education Information

  • The Special Education team provides instruction and support for students with disabilities. We collaborate with general education teachers and staff in adapting the curriculum, providing/implementing of modifications, and assessing the overall progress of each student. The Special Education team continues to collaborate and develop positive relationships with general education staff and parents during the school year.