• Classroom Teachers:
    Mrs. Sarah Corey
    Mrs. Cindy O'Brien
    Ms. Caitlin Meehan
    Mrs. Meghan Pstragowski

    Special Education Inclusion Teachers: 
    Mrs. Tricia Maguire


  • Fourth grade ROCKS!

    As fourth grade students, the oldest children in the school, the academic and social expectations are greater than in previous years.  With these higher expectations come privileges and rewards that are equally as great. In an effort to prepare fourth graders for middle school, students will learn to transition among classes and learn to manage the expectations of different teachers, by switching for math.  Another exciting opportunity for fourth grade students is the privilege of joining band and/or chorus.  By the end of the year, students will have the social, academic, and artistic skills to be successful middle school students.

Special Education Information

  • The Special Education team provides instruction and support for students with disabilities. We collaborate with general education teachers and staff in adapting the curriculum, providing/implementing of modifications, and assessing the overall progress of each student. The Special Education team continues to collaborate and develop positive relationships with general education staff and parents during the school year.