Health Services

  • Please check out the following link from the CDC to learn more about Face Coverings: Different Ways to Make & Wear Them
    Cloth Masks

     We just want to remind our families that the school nurse is available for questions or concerns during school closures.  Please contact Cathryn Hampson through email at 

     The school nurse provides a full range of health services to school age children, which include first-aid, health screenings, managing chronic illnesses, administering medication, providing emotional support, and referrals to support school staff and private physicians for follow up care. All are important in helping your child achieve their maximum potential at school.

    To this end, it is very important to inform the school nurse of any special health considerations your child may have, such as asthma, allergies, ADHD, diabetes, seizure disorders, and hearing or vision difficulties. If necessary, the school nurse will help plan any accommodations your child may need during school hours.

    Children will be dismissed from school due to illness or injury ONLY to a parent or person designated on the child’s Emergency Card. Changes or additions to Emergency Cards cannot be made over the phone, but must be put in writing with a parent signature.

    When your child is well enough to return to school a written note from home is required. Please be specific about the illness your child recovered from. This will help the school nurse to identify symptoms in other children as well as to track illnesses within the school.  After any surgery or for severe illness or injury, your child may return to school with a written note from his/her doctor stating any limitations with duration, if any, that your child may have.  

    Please remember to dress your child appropriate for the weather. If possible dress your child in layers that can be easily removed or put back on as necessary. Proper clothing is essential, especially during the winter months as the children do go outside for recess if the temperature is above freezing.

    Thank you for your attention and cooperation. It is the goal of all at Spaulding Memorial School to provide a safe, healthy, and happy environment and to promote the success of your child.


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