Specialized Programming

  • Please review the Program of Studies or speak to your guidance counselor for additional information regarding specialized programming.



    This course is designed to provide students with specifically designed instruction focusing on new skills and strategies to understand themselves as learners.  This class also focuses on the development of study, comprehension and retention strategies, and organizational skills needed to improve performance in content area classes.  A variety of methods including breaking assignments into manageable steps, and re-teaching and guided practice are incorporated into the daily curriculum. 



    Students may apply to become teaching assistants for specific departments. They will be overseen by a specific staff member; however, may do work for the entire department. For example, Science Department Teaching Assistants may set up for class lab experiments, rotate around a class helping students problem solve, inventory supplies or other tasks as needed. This subject-specific teaching assistant option will allow students to gain further exposure and experience in a field of interest. Program requirements will include a work log, reflections, teacher-mentor feedback, as well as a final Capstone Presentation. Applications will be approved by parents/guardians, guidance, specific departments, staff, as well as the internship coordinator.


    ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING 1 - Foundational   

    This course introduces Foundational level English Learner (EL) students to basic structures and vocabulary of the English language through the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  EL students learn strategies to advance their reading, listening, and pronunciation skills.  They expand oral comprehensibility and write complete sentences, a standard paragraph, and short content-based essays. They utilize level-appropriate conventions of grammar and punctuation with a minimum of errors.  This course contributes to the skills needed in mainstream classes.



    In this course, Transitional English Learner (EL) students discover how to use and extend their vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills more consciously and effectively for academic purposes. This course is similar to a mainstream English course in that students analyze classic literature and write multi-draft essays of various forms. Students participate in whole-class and small-group academic discussions.  This course contributes to skills needed in mainstream classes and higher education.



    Juniors with a “C” average or better may apply to complete an External Internship (outside of NMRHS) in their senior year. This elective course is an opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in a potential college major field of study. Students will propose the location of the external internship and submit appropriate documentation showing approval by the prospective company. Interested students must have reliable transportation. Program requirements will include work logs, reflections, site check-in, as well as a final Capstone Presentation. Students will be expected to intern for four hours per week. Due to the rotating schedule at NMRHS, hours may be completed after school or on weekends. Approved students may sign in late, sign out early or use the designated block as study time in the NMRHS Library. Applications will be approved by parents, guidance, staff, as well as the internship coordinator.



    This program is an occupational internship, which provides students with “hands-on” work experience. Students are encouraged to locate a site related to their career interests. Educational and professional, as well as occupational experiences,  are the responsibility of the student.  An internship is open to students who are in good standing in academics, attendance, and conduct.  Students must complete proper paperwork with the assistant principal and guidance counselor before signing up for the course.



    Virtual High School is a rigorous online learning opportunity.  Over 250 semester, full year, and Advanced Placement courses are offered.  To see the entire list of courses, go to www.govhs.org and click on the Program Catalog.  Courses follow a set academic calendar, but students can complete their work online at any time of day or night, as long as they meet their specified due dates.  Online learning is tailored to self-motivated, dedicated, hard-working students who are interested in challenging themselves.  Paperwork is available in the library and spots are limited.