Student Council

  • Student Council is the heart of student involvement.  The student council can lead the way to positive changes.  Its activities and projects are a testing ground for ideas, which become part of the school.  Good leaders are made, not born! Leadership training is one of the purposes of Student Council.

    The aim and objectives of Student Council at Spaulding Memorial School are as follows:

    • To develop citizenship education and understand the overall democratic process.
    • To identify problems and share solutions.
    • To allow students to work together on a common problem.
    • To help children develop leadership skills.
    • To teach children respect for themselves and others.
    • To promote a positive school climate and positive self-esteem.
    • To encourage student involvement in their community.

    This year Student Council will be offered to both third and fourth grade students.  Meetings will be held during the school day from 9:15-10 a.m.  The Student Council members will meet a total of four to five times throughout the school year.  Student Council is a commitment like anything else such as scouts, sports, dance, etc. Students considering running for class representatives should take this commitment seriously.

    There will be two representatives elected from each third and fourth grade class.  As a classroom representative, students are responsible for representing their classmates at Student Council meetings.  A representative should be responsible, organized, reliable, and a good communicator. Representatives should be able to take notes during meetings, and report back to their respective classrooms.  They also need to be good listeners in order to hear the ideas of their classmates, and share them at council meetings.

    Student Council is a wonderful way for your child to become involved in school activities and develop their leadership skills. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ms. Meehan, Student Council Facilitator (4th grade teacher): by phone 978-597-0380 by email

    Permission Slip to Run for Class Representative