Arrival Times

  • Student Arrival 8:45 AM

    Student Dismissal 12:30 PM

    After Care Dismissal 3:05 PM


    Drop Off:  Parent drop off is in front of the school building (10 Hollis St.). Students will exit the car on the right-hand side and enter the building through the entrance that leads to their classroom. This will be directed by staff members. Make sure you watch the video:


    Bus Riders: Buses unload behind the school. The buses will enter from Tucker Avenue and follow the new pattern outlined. Students will disembark from one bus at a time (and one student at a time). This will be directed by both staff and drivers. Students will keep social distance when entering the building through the gymnasium door and the back door. Students have assigned seats on the bus.



    Students who want breakfast will enter one of the two main entrances and proceed to the cafeteria between 8:45 and 9:15. They will be able to sit at specifically designated seats which are physically distanced.  

    Spots at cafeteria tables are labeled with a sticker. Only these spaces are utilized for student seating. Students pick up their breakfast which is grab and go with very small wait time. Students sit and eat, take care of their trash and proceed to their classroom.



    Parent Pick-Up: Parent pick-up will take place at the front of the school building. Parents will display student names on their visor. Students will be dismissed to cars one at a time and supervised by staff. Please watch the video:


    Bus Riders: Students will be called to their bus as it arrives in the back of the school. Buses will exit out Tucker Ave. Students will sit in their assigned seat.


    Van Riders: Students will exit the building with program paraprofessionals and go to their van parked in the semi-circle at the side of the school building.



    Start and End Times:

    The “official” start/end times for school are 9:00 am-3:05 pm. This is true whether you are in a full remote or hybrid model. Your child’s teacher will provide specific times to “meet” in their Google Classroom. Every day students should take time for snack, water breaks, movement, lunch and recess. Our Unified Arts block is 45 minutes. Given the enormous change in routine that these models entail, things may be revised along the way.


    Lunch will be “grab & go” with one of two options: grade K, 1 and 2 will be delivered to classrooms. Grade 3 and 4 will pick up in the cafeteria on their way to the bus or to their parent pick-up.

    In School Lunch for Students in After Care:

    Students will eat in the cafeteria. Spots are marked, all students will face the same direction. Siblings will eat at the same table. Following lunch, time outside will be provided. There is room to run in the back of the school and student requests to use playground equipment will be supervised by staff (for example: if Calvin wants to play on the slide-he would play on that with no other students, if Evelyn wants the swing, she has that swing that day).