Math and Business Technology

  • Mathematics

    The mathematics department is committed to reaching all students with a curriculum that is designed to present mathematics as a fluid, coherent body of knowledge. We offer incoming freshmen the alternative of learning Algebra as a single discipline, or Algebra 1 / Geometry, which blends the two disciplines to experience mathematics as a mathematician would.

    Our traditional Algebra 1 course formalizes and extends the mathematics that students learned in the middle grades.  This College Prep course is comprised of standards selected from the Massachusetts Frameworks and was written to encompass the scope of content and skills to be addressed throughout grades 9-12.  Algebra 1 is followed by Geometry and Algebra 2 in 10th and 11th grades, respectfully. 

    Our Algebra 1 / Geometry courses are offered as College Prep (CP) and Accelerated (Accel).  These courses are comprised of standards selected from the high school conceptual categories and were written to encompass the scope of content and skills to be addressed throughout grades 9-12.  Students will experience the mathematics of Algebra and Geometry while making connections across traditional domains of Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics.  Algebra 1 / Geometry (CP or Accel) are traditionally followed by Algebra 2 / Geometry and Pre-Calculus / Trigonometry in grades 10 and 11.

    All students must take four years of mathematics.  Our courses provide students with the body of knowledge needed to study advanced mathematics courses.  Upperclassmen have the option of enrolling in Advanced Placement ® classes in Calculus (AB or BC) as well as AP Probability and Statistics.  Additional offerings such as Probability and Statistics, Calculus, and Accounting are available.  It is highly recommended that students discuss their senior year mathematics’ goals with their guidance counselors in order to make informed decisions when entering high school. 

     The use of graphing calculators is an integral part of all mathematics courses in high school.  The Texas Instruments TI-84+ Silver Edition calculator is strongly suggested for our courses.  This graphing calculator will continue to benefit our students in college, trade schools, and the military.



    Business classes provide students with the opportunity to integrate academic and career-based instruction, preparing them for success in life and education. North Middlesex currently offers accounting, business law, business management, entrepreneurship, international business, and marketing.

    Students participating in these elective courses will develop essential skills for the 21st -century marketplace. Students will acquire in-depth understanding of accounting and finance, business law, entrepreneurship, economics, international business, information systems and business analytics, and marketing. They will utilize communication and teamwork to analyze, research, and solve real world issues. Classes will simulate a professional setting.