• The science department offers courses that are designed to accommodate both the academic needs, as well as the interests of our students. Our courses teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to ask questions, make observations, design experiments, gather and analyze data, and draw conclusions that can be shared and communicated to others. Laboratory courses, in particular, provide an opportunity for students to utilize the technological tools of the scientist in developing the practices and skills necessary for graduation and beyond.

    The graduation requirement in science coursework is the successful completion of three laboratory science classes (15 credits). It is recommended that college-bound students take courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, beginning with biology in their freshman year. Students may enroll in more than one full credit science course in any given academic year, as well as any electives they are interested in, individual schedules permitting. We offer Advanced Placement ® (AP) (AP) courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science as well as a wide range of electives such as Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Behavior, Forensics, Medical Interventions, and Biomedical Innovations.