Physical Education

  • The Health, Nutrition, and Fitness courses are designed to educate students in promoting their personal health while encouraging them to practice healthy habits, reduce unhealthy risk-taking, and make informed decisions.  The comprehensive health curriculum is aligned with both the State and National health and physical education standards.  The Physical Education program encourages students to learn about their physiological development and to properly maintain a practical use of fitness in everyday life. The department offers a variety of courses that encompass the wellness paradigm of physical, mental and social health. Students will attain the attitude, knowledge, and skills to achieve health literacy, practice health-enhancing behaviors, and make health-promoting decisions for life.

     During freshmen year, students take Fundamentals of Fitness, a physical education class in which they learn the core elements of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wellness, taken by all sophomores, prepares students to acquire, manage and promote their physical, psychological, social and sexual health.

     Upperclassmen have the opportunity to take a wide range of elective courses that were created to meet the needs of every student with their unique talent, ability, and interest.  Elective courses include opportunities to participate in team sports, compete, or explore alternative opportunities in physical education.